Board of Trustees & Cadets Meet with Tito Herrera

On Tuesday, November 15th, Mr. McDonald, Chairman of the Board of Trustees met with Dr. Tito Herrera in San Salvador, El Salvador while on a business trip as part of a delegation from the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants that is focused on serving repatriated Salvadoran youth in El Salvador.

Dr. Herrera attended Wentworth form 1979-1981. He was sent to Wentworth by his parents as a safe educational haven during the Salvadoran Civil War. He spoke to Mr. McDonald fondly of his time he spent at Wentworth. We are very fortunate Dr. Herrera has committed to help connect Wentworth Enrollment Management staff with the Principals of American Schools in San Salvador. Dr. Herrera felt there was a market for Wentworth college recruitment in El Salvador. It was a privilege to meet him and we look forward to connecting with more alumni from around the world.