College Academics

Wentworth Military Academy and College offers associate degree programs in five disciplines: Associate of Arts, Associate of Sciences, Business Management, Paralegal Studies, and Homeland Security.

All of our academic programs feature hands-on instruction in a structured environment. You’ll develop excellent study routines and work habits, building a solid foundation for career growth and further education. You’ll also learn important life lessons, gaining the maturity to make good decisions, set ambitious goals, and believe in yourself.

Choose Wentworth if you want to benefit from:

  • Small classes. Wentworth’s college classes average 13 students. You’ll never have to fight for an instructor’s attention or sit unnoticed in a massive lecture hall.
  • Top-notch faculty. Our instructors combine years of teaching experience with direct professional practice in their fields of expertise.
  • Transferable credits. As an accredited college, Wentworth offers high-quality credits that you can transfer to most four-year programs.
  • Strong academic support. Our counselors, tutors, librarians, and other academic support specialists will provide all the assistance you need to meet your academic goals.
  • Practical knowledge. You’ll develop useful skills that help you succeed in the workplace, bachelor’s degree programs, and graduate school.

Wentworth Associate Degree Programs