College Course Catalog

It is the policy of Wentworth Military Academy and College (WMAC) to maintain and promote equal employment and educational opportunity without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran’s status, or other non-merit factors.

The official catalog for WMAC represents a listing of course offerings and graduation requirements. Cadets/Students entering the college will be expected to follow the policies and requirements of this catalog as their official catalog for the dates of 2015 – 2017. If the program is not completed by 2017, the Cadet/Student may be subject to following the requirements of an updated catalog.

Download the 2016-2018 Student Handbook & Course Catalog

Cadets/Students are expected to become thoroughly familiar with the contents of this catalog and to comply with the provisions herein.

Course Subject Course ID Course Name Grade Level
Individual Development ACTE ACT/SAT English Prep College
Individual Development ACTM ACT/SAT Math Prep College
Fine Arts ART101 Art Appreciation College
Fine Arts ART102 Music Appreciation College
Fine Arts ART103 Theatre Studies College
Fine Arts ART104 Music Fundamentals College
Fine Arts ART106 Popular Music in America College
Fine Arts ART111 Band I College
Fine Arts ART112 Band II College
Fine Arts ART113 Band III College
Fine Arts ART114 Band IV College
Fine Arts ART201 Photography I College
Fine Arts ART202 Photography II College
Fine Arts ART203 Basics in Painting College
Fine Arts ART205 Fundamentals of Drawing I College
Fine Arts ART206 Introduction to Ceramics College
Fine Arts ART207 Fundamentals of Drawing II College
Fine Arts ART211 Chorus I College
Fine Arts ART212 Chorus II College
Behavioral Science BS100 College Survival Skills College
Behavioral Science BS101 General Psychology College
Behavioral Science BS102 General Sociology College
Behavioral Science BS103 Social Problems College
Behavioral Science BS104 Women’s Studies College
Behavioral Science BS105 Stress Management College
Behavioral Science BS201 Psychology of Personal Adjustment College
Behavioral Science BS202 Child Development College
Behavioral Science BS203 Developmental Psychology College
Behavioral Science BS204 Child Psychology College
Behavioral Science BS205 Marriage & Family Living College
Behavioral Science BS206 Human Growth & Development College
Behavioral Science BS207 Abnormal Psychology & Modern Life College
Business BUS101 Introduction to Business College
Business BUS102 Human Relations c
Business BUS104 Business Ethics College
Business BUS105 Personal Finance College
Business BUS106 Business Communications College
Business BUS107 College Keyboarding College
Business BuS109 Business Math College
Business BUS110 Introduction to Legal Principles College
Business BUS115 Legal Research College
Business BUS120 Professional Ethics and Law Office Procedures College
Business BUS125 Civil Procedure College
Business BUS130 Contracts College
Business BUS140 Criminal Law in Paralegal Studies College
Business BUS150 Torts College
Business BUS201 Elementary Accounting I College
Business BUS202 Elementary Accounting II College
Business BUS203 Micro Economics College
Business BuS204 Macro Economics College
Business BUS211 Legal Environment of Business College
Business BUS215 Marketing College
Business BUS217 Principles of Financial Management College
Business BUS218 Principles of Managerial Accounting College
Business BUS220 Legal Research and Writing College
Business BUS225 Advanced Legal Research and Writing College
Business BUS230 Wills College
Business BUS235 Family Law College
Business BUS240 Real Estate College
Business BUS250 Paralegal Internship I College
Criminal Justice CJ101 Criminal Justice System College
Criminal Justice CJ102 Police Organization & Management College
Criminal Justice CJ103 Principles of Investigation College
Criminal Justice CJ105 Traffic Control & Accident Investigation College
Criminal Justice CJ107 Juvenile Deliquency College
Criminal Justice CJ150 Criminal Justice Report Writing College
Criminal Justice CJ201 Criminal Law College
Criminal Justice CJ202 Functions of the Criminal Justice System College
Criminal Justice CJ203 Corrections: Concepts, Systems and Issues College
Computer Information Systems CS102 Applied Computer Programming College
Computer Information Systems CS103 Computer Methods College
Computer Information Systems CS105 Computer Accounting Applications College
Computer Information Systems CS106 Database Management College
Computer Information Systems CS108 Principles of Computers College
Computer Information Systems CS202 Visual Basic Programming College
Computer Information Systems CS205 Internet Applications and Utilities College
Computer Information Systems CS210 JavaScript College
Computer Information Systems CS211 Using Internet Communications College
English ENG100 English Review College
English ENG101 English Comp & Rhet I College
English ENG102 English Comp & Rhet II College
English ENG103 Journalism College
English ENG105 Public Speaking College
English ENG106 Advanced Public Speaking College
English ENG201 English Life & Literature I College
English ENG202 English Life & Literature II College
English ENG211 World Masterpieces I College
English ENG212 World Masterpieces II College
English ENG213 American Masterpieces I College
English ENG214 American Masterpieces II College
English ENG216 Science Fiction & Contemporary Society College
English ENG216a Science Fiction Survey College
English ENG217 Literature vs. Popular Culture College
Geography GEG101 World Geography College
Homeland Security HS101 Principles of Homeland Security College
Homeland Security HS102 Principles of Crisis & Disaster Management College
HS103 Roots of Terrorism College
Homeland Security HS104 Domestic Terrorism College
Homeland Security HS201 Homeland Security Intelligence College
Homeland Security HS202 Principles of Security Management College
Homeland Security HS203 Natural Disaster Planning & Response College
History HST111 US History Thru 1865 College
History HST112 US History Since 1865 College
History HST209 Early World Civilizations College
History HST210 Modern World Civilizations College
History HST211 American Military History College
Intensive English Program IEP107 IEP Advanced English I College
Intensive English Program IEP108 IEP Advanced English II College
Languages LA101 Elementary Spanish I College
Languages LA102 Elementary Spanish II College
Languages LA111 Elementary German I College
Languages LA112 Elementary German II College
Languages LA121 Elementary French I College
Languages LA122 Elementary French II College
Languages LA131 Elementary Russian I College
Languages LA132 Elementary Russian II College
Languages LA141 Farsi/Persian I College
Languages LA142 Farsi/Persian II College
Languages LA143 Farsi/Persian III College
Languages LA144 Farsi/Persian IV College
Languages LA150 Elementary Arabic I College
Languages LA151 Elementary Arabic II College
Languages LA201 Intermediate Spanish I College
Languages LA202 Intermediate Spanish II College
Languages LA211 Intermediate German I College
Languages LA212 Intermediate German II College
Languages LA231 Intermediate Russian I College
Languages LA232 Intermediate Russian II College
Mathematics MA100 Introduction to Algebra College
Mathematics MA101 Intermediate Algebra College
Mathematics MA111 College Algebra College
Mathematics MA112 Trigonometry College
Mathematics MA113 Algebra/Trigonometry College
Mathematics MA114 Calculus for Business & Economics College
Mathematics MA121 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I College
Mathematics MA213 Statistics College
Mathematics MA221 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I College
Mathematics MA222 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III College
Medical Records Terminology MRT101 Medical Terminology I College
Medical Records Terminology MRT102 Medical Terminology II College
Military Science MS101 Military Science I w/Lab College
Military Science MS102 Military Science I College
Military Science MS201 Military Science II College
Military Science MS202 Military Science II w/Lab College
Military Science MS231 Military Science III w/Lab College
Military Science MS232 Military Science III College
MS235 Leader’s Training Course (LTC) College
Military Science MS241 Military Science IV w/Lab College
Military Science MS242 Military Science IV College
MS245 Leader Development Assessment Course College
Physical Education PE111 Lifesaving College
Physical Education PE112 Water Safety Instructors College
Physical Education PE114 First Aid, Safety, and CPR College
Physical Education PE114 Fitness through Activity & Sport College
Physical Education PE115 Recreational Sports College
Physical Education PE117 Racquetball College
Physical Education PE118 Aerobic Conditioning College
Physical Education PE120 Lifetime Fitness College
Physical Education PE120 Lifetime Fitness College
Physical Education PE122 Beginning Golf College
Physical Education PE123 Beginning Tennis College
Physical Education PE124 Volleyball College
Physical Education PE125 Basketball College
Physical Education PE211 Weight Training College
Physical Education PE212 Weight Control College
Physical Education PE213 Performance & Teaching of Weight Training College
Physical Education PE214 Human Anatomy College
Physical Education PE215 Exercise Physiology College
Physical Education PE216 Scuba College
Physical Education PE217 Foundations of Athletic Training College
Philosophy and Religion PHL101 Philosophy College
Philosophy and Religion PHL111 Ethics College
Philosophy and Religion PHL211 Logic College
Paralegal Studies PL101 Professional Paralegal College
Paralegal Studies PL102 Paralegal Ethics College
Political Science PS101 American Government College
Political Science PS102 State and Local Government College
Political Science PS202 International Relations College
Philosophy and Religion REL111 Religious Studies College
Philosophy and Religion REL112 The Bible as Literature College
Philosophy and Religion REL113 World Religions College
Science SCI100 Biological Science w/Lab College
Science SCI101 Physical Science w/Lab College
Science SCI102 Zoology w/Lab College
Science SCI103 Astronomy w/Lab College
Science SCI104 Botany w/Lab College
Science SCI105 Microbiology w/Lab College
Science SCI106 Conservation w/Lab College
Science SCI107 Marine Biology w/Lab College
Science SCI108 Ecology w/Lab College
Science SCI110 Principles of Geology w/Lab College
Science SCI111 General College Physics I w/Lab College
Science SCI112 General College Physics II w/Lab College
Science SCI120 General Chemistry I w/Lab
Science SCI121 General Chemistry II w/Lab College
Science SCI201 Human Biology w/Lab College
Science SCI202 Human Physiology w/Lab College
Science SCI203 Anatomy & Physiology w/Lab College
Science SCI204 Nutrition College