College Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s office maintains the academic records of all current and former Wentworth College students and provides a variety of services to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. For more information on services offered, please contact Beth Schlesselman, College Registrar, at (800) 962-7682 ext. 1322 or by email at

Transcripts: Requests for official transcripts must be received on the transcript request form. Allow 3 – 5 business days for processing plus US Mail delivery time. Same day service for transcripts is not available. Transcript requests will not be processed if you have a financial obligation to Wentworth. Fees for official transcripts are as follows:

  • Regular Service – $10.00
  • Regular Service plus fax – $12.00
  • Priority Mail Delivery – $35.00
Transcript Request

Grades:  Midterm and final grades are available on NetClassroom. The Registrar’s office will not give grade information over the phone. To obtain your NetClassroom user name and password, contact the Registrar.

Enrolling in Classes:  Enrollment in classes is by appointment only. Financial aid students must complete the FAFSA and have their award finalized prior to enrollment. All other students must pay at least 50% of tuition and fees at time of enrollment. To schedule an appointment contact the Student Service’s office at (800) 962-7682 ext. 1308.

Textbooks: Financial aid students may request to have books ordered and charged to their student account. This request must be in writing. Textbooks are ordered through our Virtual Bookstore. Students may purchase books through our Virtual Bookstore or any other outside source of their choice, but should ensure they are ordering from the correct textbook list for upcoming classes.

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FERPA: The Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act, known as FERPA, governs the privacy of educational records. Under FERPA, rights of confidentiality transfer to the student at 18 years of age, or upon their first day of attendance in post-secondary educational classes, whichever comes first. This policy also applies to students participating in a dual-enrollment program offered by Wentworth. Once a student assumes confidentiality rights, academic records, billing and financial records, can be seen by a student, and College personnel are allowed to discuss such matters only with the student.

Information can be released to someone other than the student, only by written permission of the student, by signing a FERPA waiver. The FERPA waiver provides the College with written authorization from the student and indicates the individuals permitted to access their educational records.