Dual Enrollment College Courses

You can get a strong head start on a college degree through Wentworth’s dual enrollment program.

Operated with partner high schools throughout Missouri, the dual enrollment program lets you take college-level courses that confer college credit and high school credit simultaneously. By taking dual enrollment courses, you can:

  • Challenge yourself academically
  • Adjust gradually to the demands of college-level work
  • Satisfy prerequisite courses in advance
  • Earn high-quality college credits that you can transfer to almost any college or university
  • Save time and money on a college degree

You’ll take dual enrollment courses from specially trained and approved high school faculty, using college curriculum approved by Wentworth College academic faculty and administrators. All course materials for dual enrollment courses—including textbooks, readings, assignments, and exams—are identical or equivalent to the materials we present to our own college students.

The credits you earn for completing the course will go on both your high school and your college transcripts.

Wentworth’s dual enrollment courses serve hundreds of Missouri high school students each semester. Contact our dual enrollment coordinator, Dr. Robert Cordell, at rcordell@wma.edu or (660) 259-2221, ext. 1306, to find out how our dual enrollment courses can benefit you.

Eligibility for Dual Enrollment Courses

Wentworth’s dual enrollment courses are available to high school juniors and seniors who have a 3.0 grade-point average or higher, and have received an endorsement from their high school principal.

To get approved as a dual enrollment instructor for Wentworth College, high school teachers should have a master’s degree that includes a minimum of 18 credit hours in an appropriate academic field. To submit your credentials for approval, please submit the following materials to the Wentworth Dual Enrollment Coordinator:

  • College transcript
  • Teaching certification
  • Letter of intent indicating the course you wish to teach. (Please see our college catalog for a list of courses.)
  • Resume
  • Letter of recommendation from your high school principal

High school principals or administrators who would like to offer dual enrollment at their schools should contact Dr. Robert Cordell, dual enrollment coordinator, at rcordell@wma.edu or (660) 259-2221, ext. 1306.

For additional information about our Dual Enrollment Program, please see our current Policies and Procedures for Dual Enrolled Students.