USAFA Falcon Program

Wentworth Falcon Receives Appointment to Air Force Academy

Wentworth Falcon receives appointment to the Air Force Academy!
Congratulations to cadet Jesse DeMarsh!

A Tradition of Brilliance:

Wentworth College is one of eight institutions selected by the Falcon Foundation to offer the United States Air Force Academy Falcon program. For 21 consecutive years, 100% of Wentworth Falcons have earned appointments to the Academy. As a Wentworth Falcon you will experience an exciting immersion into an integrated academic, military leadership, physical, and character development training program. You will emerge fully prepared to succeed as a cadet at the Air Force Academy.


You will be challenged by a rigorous curriculum offering courses in chemistry, physics, calculus, information technology, and English. You’ll strengthen your reading, writing, analytic and critical thinking, and ethical reasoning skills essential to success in 1st year academics at the Air Force Academy. Our experienced instructors understand the expectations of the Academy and are dedicated to assuring you get the individual attention you need to be successful. During the first semester, you will also participate in a focused ACT preparatory course – and have 3 opportunities to take the ACT on campus. As a Wentworth Falcon you will visit the Air Force Academy in October, you’ll room with a previous Wentworth Falcon cadet, and attend a day of classes with him/her – it’s a great fall trip!

Military Leadership Training:

You will participate in high-impact military training in the Army Senior ROTC program and in the Corps of Cadets. You’ll get high quality classroom and hands-on training that includes 3 field training exercises at off-campus military installations. You may also choose to enter the Ranger Challenge and Ranger Buddy competitions. You’ll be trained and have great opportunities to grow and exercise your leadership abilities.

Physical Development:

You will be challenged by a vigorous physical fitness program, administered by the Senior ROTC staff. You will also receive guided individual training to prepare you to excel in the Candidate Fitness Assessment, required for acceptance to the Air Force Academy. Finally, you may try-out for and participate in an intercollegiate sport as a Wentworth Red Dragon.

Character Development:

Wentworth’s Honor Code is designed to develop your character. The Wentworth Honor Code reads, “I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do.” Our honor code has the same basic concepts as the United States Air Force Academy Honor Code.

Virtual Flight Trainer:

At Wentworth you will have a one of a kind opportunity to participate in virtual flight training with a unique new training device being tested under the guidance of the Falcon Foundation.

Falcon Sponsor:

If you have questions you are encouraged to contact me — Colonel (retired) Tim Casey, Academic Dean, at or by calling 660-259-6040 – or text me at 816-456-0931.

The Application Process:

To be eligible for the Falcon program, a student must first have been contacted by the Falcon Foundation offering a scholarship. Information about the Falcon Foundation Scholarship is located at



With WMA’s 100% acceptance rate into the Air Force Academy it was hard for me not to choose this program. The prep year and WMA prepares Falcon’s for the intense lifestyle at USAFA both academically and physically, also another benefit for the Falcon’s is the new Flight Simulator that was put in place this year for those who desire to be a pilot after graduating from USAFA.

Cadet Augustus Jensen
USAFA Class of 2016

As a Falcon, Wentworth sets you up for success. You get the military structure, the academic foundation, and the mindset needed for life at the Academy. This preparatory year is definitely something I am proud to have on my resume.

Cadet Hunter Richardson
USAFA Class of 2016

Wentworth definitely helped me with the military stuff like dealing with failure …. as well as the other skills like marching and shoe shining. It also taught me about brotherhood and how you can’t make it through anything in the military without relying on your team.

Cadet Daniel Thomas
USAFA Class of 2015