College International Pathway

The International Pathway program is designed to create a “guaranteed” pathway to top colleges and universities in the United States.

The Pathway Program is a way for international students to reach their educational goals in the US without having a TOEFL or having a lower TOEFL score. It is a highly intensive and rigorous IEP program focusing on a student’s English language skills and TOEFL prep, while starting their college journey in the US. Students will work on their English proficiency while working toward their college diploma.

  • During the first year, students will take a mandatory 10 hours of IEP per week. Concurrently, they will be able to enroll in college math/ science class.
  • While taking his/her first year classes, each student will take three official TOEFL tests during the first semester.
  • The IEP teacher will assist the students on their choice of elective classes, according to their level of proficiency (our course catalog is available online).



Students will be able to finish their associate’s degree at WMC, taking advantage of our extensive pathway network. They will be able to focus on their schooling, knowing that over a period of two years, he/she will master the English language. During their sophomore year in College (the second year), the international department will advise and mentor the student in his/her coursework to have optimal preparation for continuing his/her education at one of our Pathway Partners.

Application Process for International Students