High School Academy

At Wentworth Military Academy, academic excellence begins with strong values. We’ll help you prepare to succeed in college by developing the habits that lead to superior achievement.

High School Academy FriendsOur structured military high school promotes strong character, self-discipline, and independence. You’ll wear a uniform and bunk in Army-style barracks, while cultivating the maturity and confidence to help you stand out in the classroom and beyond.

Wentworth’s high school graduates have a 95 percent acceptance rate to college because we offer:

  • Challenging courses taught by outstanding teachers.
  • Exceptional athletic programs, in which every student gets a chance to compete.
  • Supportive role models who set an excellent example and show you how to maximize your potential.
  • A safe environment with close supervision that eliminates distractions.
  • A diverse community of students from across the country and the world.

A tradition of excellence. A culture of success.

Since 1880, Wentworth Military Academy and College has been educating future leaders in business, arts and sciences, and all branches of the military.

Our long list of distinguished alumni includes world-class entrepreneurs such as Wal-Mart co-founder Bud Walton, political leaders such as U.S. Representatives Ike Skelton and Newell George, and high-ranking military officers who have served our nation all the way back to World War I.

Wentworth Military Academy and College today is a progressive, forward-facing institution with a 21st-century outlook. Our recent high school graduates have been accepted to colleges such as:

  • University of Indiana – Bloomington
  • Iowa State University
  • University of California – Davis
  • Creighton University
  • Norwich University
  • Washington State University
  • University of Central Oklahoma

5 Reasons to Consider a Military Academy for High School