High School Academics

Wentworth Military Academy challenges high school students to reach their full academic potential. The results speak for themselves: More than 95 percent of recent graduates from our military high school program have been accepted to college.

You’ll learn important lessons inside and outside the classroom at Wentworth Military Academy, developing the self-confidence and motivation to achieve academic success in any civilian or military college. A high school diploma from Wentworth signifies more than academic achievement. It’s a rite of passage into adulthood.

A Military High School With Deep Roots

Established in 1880, Wentworth Military Academy has a 130-plus-year tradition of academic excellence. We emphasize a traditional academic core of reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking, giving you a broad foundation for future success in any academic subject.

Wentworth Military Academy helps you bring out the best in yourself by providing:

  • Small classes. Wentworth’s high school classes range from 8 to 12 students. You’ll get lots of one-on-one attention and instruction on everything from academics to attitude.
  • Top-notch faculty. Our 17 high-school faculty and administrators have an aggregate of more than 300 years of experience working with military high school students.
  • Opportunities to earn college credit. Juniors and seniors who are in good academic standing can take college courses—and earn college credit—on the Wentworth campus. Many students earn a semester or more of college credits before completing the military high school program.
  • Academic structure and support. Wentworth’s military culture promotes academic self-discipline. You’ll compete for academic honors and recognition, while benefitting from supervised study halls, weekend instruction, and other forms of support.
  • Rewards for outstanding performance. Students who perform well in Wentworth’s military high school program can earn extra privileges. For students who need to improve their grades, tutoring and extra study periods are available.

To learn more about our superior military high school program, contact Wentworth Military Academy at (660) 259-2221 or Toll Free at (800) 962-7682.