Day Cadet Program


Students in grades 9-12 that live within a 30 mile radius of our Lexington, MO campus are eligible to enroll in our Day Cadet Program.

The Day Cadet Program

Day Cadets attend Wentworth Monday-Friday from 07:45 AM to the completion of their last duty for the day, then back to the comfort of their own home at night. The Day Cadet does not live on campus but is still part of the Corps of Cadets and will be assigned to a “company” within the Corps. They fall under the same rules and regulation guidelines as our boarding cadets while they re on campus or while representing Wentworth. Some weekend activities and dress parades may be mandatory.


Day Cadets will need their own transportation to and from Wentworth. If a Day Cadet drives a personal vehicle to campus, they are not allowed to leave until the completion of the day. Wentworth does not provide transportation for students except for during school related activities or activities initiated by the Wentworth Activities Director or Commandant’s Office.


Day Cadets will participate in at least 2 high school sports and/or activities during the academic year.


The total Day Cadet rates are:

New Cadet: $9,000
Returning Cadet: $6,800

Costs Include:

  • Tuition
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Noon meal
  • Technology Fee
  • Academic Fees
  • Uniform and accessories

All Day Cadets must be covered by personal medical/dental/health insurance while on campus. Wentworth does not provide this type of insurance for our high school cadets.


Day Cadets are required to eat the noon meal with the Corps. If you wish to eat additional meals on campus, meal cards can be purchased from our business office at the rate of 10 meals for $35.


Day Cadets are required to wear Wentworth Corps issued uniforms while on campus or when representing Wentworth off campus.

Class Instructions

Wentworth cadets will use a Google Chromebook as part of their class instruction with preloaded coursework that can be individual to the students instruction level in each class.

Leadership Potential

As a Day Cadet, you will have the same opportunity as our boarding cadets to advance into leadership roles withing the Corps of Cadets. This opportunity is based on such things as conduct, self development and grades, among others.

Wentworth’s additional Day cadet programs include:

  • Junior College Day Cadets

For more information on this or any of our Day Cadet programs, please call the office of Admissions at 660-259-2221 or Toll Free at (800) 962-7682.