Military High School Admissions

Your path to academic success and personal growth begins at Wentworth Military Academy.

Generations of high school students have started their journey to academic excellence and professional success at the Admissions Office of Wentworth Military Academy.

Our safe, structured military high school helps teenagers excel academically, mature socially, and gain confidence and self-reliance.

You can apply for military high school admission year-round. The Admissions Office processes applications on a space-available basis, so we encourage you to start the admissions process as early as possible.

If you’re ready to apply for admissions to Wentworth’s military high school program you can begin the application process here. Continue reading for information on our dual enrollment programs, scholarship programs, and loan opportunities. You can also:

If we can answer any questions before you apply for admissions to our military high school, Wentworth Admissions Office at (660) 259-2221, or email us at

Accelerate your education: Earn college credits via dual enrollment.

Military high school students who excel academically can take dual enrollment courses at Wentworth College, located on the same campus as the military high school. As an accredited college, Wentworth offers high-quality credits that you can transfer to most colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Some of our military high school students amass one or two full semesters of college credit by the time they graduate. Tution for dual enrollment courses is covered by your high school tuition, so you can earn college credits at very little cost. (You may have to pay for books, labs, and/or materials required by college courses.)

Loans and scholarships make our military high school affordable to all.

Financial aid is awarded on the basis of merit and/or financial need. Wentworth Military Academy offers a range of scholarships (which do not need to be repaid), as well as loans.

You can apply for three types of scholarships at Wentworth Military Academy:

  • Academic Scholarships: Funded directly by Wentworth Military Academy, with eligibility limited to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Opportunity Scholarships: Funded by Wentworth alumni, and awarded to students with outstanding attitude and willingness to succeed.
  • FAST Needs Based Scholarships: Funded directly by Wentworth, based on household financial need. Click the logo below to apply. *NOTE: FAST can only be awarded to High School students.*


Wentworth provides loans in partnership with Your Tuition Solution, which works with more than 2,400 private K-12 schools nationwide. Your Tuition Solution provides a range of convenient and flexible payment options, and maintains stringent security policies to protect your privacy. Contact Your Tuition Solution at (800) 920-9777 or visit