Military Academy Campus Life

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You are Tomorrow’s Leader

Our military structure gives you a unique opportunity to learn leadership and management skills that will set you apart from your peers. Wentworth alumni attribute their success in both the military and business sectors to the leadership skills they learned at Wentworth.

As a cadet, you will be a part of the Wentworth Military Academy Corps of Cadets, which includes the high school and college. The Corps is led by a Cadet Battalion Commander, who is a sophomore in college. Under him/her there is a chain of command that forms the basis for a remarkably effective leadership laboratory.

Leadership begins with the individual. Each cadet in the Cadet Corps is responsible for training, inspiring, and leading the individuals who report to him or her. As a new cadet, you learn Wentworth’s history, traditions, and the basics of the military system. Because good followers become good leaders and opportunities for leadership exist at all levels, you will quickly find yourself moving up the chain-of-command to ever-increasing challenges.

Step up and Shine

Backing up the cadet chain-of-command is Wentworth’s disciplinary system that rewards good behavior and establishes clear consequences for violations. Overseen by the Commandant of Cadets and a staff of dedicated professionals, the Rules & Regulations sets clear goals and rewards for achievement, and clear limits on what is not allowed.

The value of the leadership skills you will learn at Wentworth cannot be overestimated. If your goal is a military career, you will make a seamless transition to military life, with years of experience under your belt. If your goal is to make it in the business world, you’ll have a record of leadership, responsibility and experience that will propel you further and faster than your peers.


That’s a call our cadets hear daily. It’s the signal to assemble in formation. Daily room and personal inspections develop self-discipline and pride in appearance. Moving in a common direction with a purposeful stride builds teamwork and esprit de corps. Cadet leaders have the opportunity to exert their leadership and motivational skills.

Here is an example of a routine Monday-Friday for the cadets.

Monday through Friday

0500 College Release from Quarters
0600 High School Release from Quarters
0600-0700 ROTC Physical Training (as per PMS)
0630 First Call/Wake up
0645-0715 Personal Hygiene, Room/Barracks Maintenance and Police Call
0715-0725 Standby Room and Personal (Uniform) Inspections –ALL CADETS
0725 Breakfast Roll Call and Reveille (Cadets w/ backpacks)
0730-0805 Breakfast/Sick Call 0805 High school Cadets form up and march to class
0810-0900 1st Hour
0905-0955 2nd Hour
1000-1050 3rd Hour
1055-1145 4th Hour
1150 Dinner Roll Call Formation (Uniform Inspection)
1155-1235 Dinner
1240-1330 5th Hour
1335-1425 6th Hour
1430-1520 7th Hour
1525-1605 8th Hour (High School Extra Opportunity Period)
1530-1700 Commandant’s Training Time (2nd and 4th Tuesdays)
1605-1900 Activities and Sports
1730-1900 Optional Supper
1735-1805 Sick Call
1915-1920 CQ Accountability Formation
1930-2020 1st CQ
2030-2120 2nd CQ
2130-2150 3rd CQ/Commander’s Time
2150 TATTOO High School
2200 TAPS High School.
2250 TATTOO College.
2300 TAPS College


A strong community builds lasting relationships, trust and deepens a meaningful life. Wentworth’s campus is drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

Meals are taken together in the dining hall three times a day and are very much a part of the pulse of daily cadet life. Food is nutritious, plentiful and yes, it’s good.

Our cadets get up early and the days are busy but there’s always time to write a letter, send an e-mail, and enjoy friends. Lexington has a water park, movie theaters, bookstores, coffee shops, and even McDonalds for your weekends. Kansas City is a short drive away and offers all of the shopping, sights, and cultural and sporting events of a large city.


All Wentworth cadets wear uniforms. Common dress promotes an egalitarian environment in which all cadets have an equal chance to excel and be recognized. Social or economic status outside of Wentworth becomes irrelevant. Awards and medals, the symbols of personal achievement at Wentworth, take the place of designer labels. Status at Wentworth comes through achievement: making good grades, proving your leadership skills, and earning privileges based solely on performance and attitude. Our cadets learn that what counts in life is setting, meeting, and exceeding performance goals, not material possessions. Cadets are expected to maintain a neat and professional appearance. They learn to take pride in their appearance and demeanor.


What another school calls a dormitory, we call a barracks – yet they’re essentially the same. The major difference is what you are permitted to have in your room. With academics the focus, we limit the distractions and keep things simple. Each cadet has a Wentworth issued Google Chromebook computer (no personal computers), and can bring an alarm clock/radio or iPod (no speakers), and a few personal items such as photographs from home. Rooms, like your personal appearance, are expected to be kept clean and organized. Daily room inspections by cadets and staff ensure a safe and clean environment, and hold students accountable for the condition of their room and their possessions.

Every cadet has a roommate. Cadets learn to build trust and work together to achieve collective as well as individual goals. Friendships forged here are often more meaningful. Our graduates will tell you that the friends they make at Wentworth are life-long.

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