Military Ball Queen Judge In a League of Her Own

LeftyEach year at the Wentworth Military Academy and College campus in Lexington, the traditional “Military Ball” takes place just as it has for the past 134 years. And each year, a new “Military Ball Queen” is selected.

Ronald Reagan, Johnny Carson, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Doris Day, Kirk Douglas, George Burns, Jerry Lewis, Ed Asner, Patrick Swayze, Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty are some of the notable names who have served as a “Wentworth Military Ball Judge.”

The role of the judge at the military ball is to select the Wentworth Military Academy and College Queen.

Alice “Lefty” Hohlmayer has now joined that elite group as she has agreed to be the judge for the 2014 Wentworth Military Academy and College military ball.

The movie, “A League of Their Own,” was written about “Lefty” and the other women who played baseball during the war.

The actress, Rosie O’Donnell, played the role of Alice “Lefty” Hohlmayer in the movie.

Hohlmayer is a former first basewoman and pitcher who played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1946 through 1951.

Her career highlights featured pitching 42 consecutive scoreless innings in 1950. Hohlmayer also made 21 putouts at first base in a regular season game. In 1951, she posted a 15-11 record with a 2.02 earned run average and 209 innings of work in 29 pitching appearances.

A native of Springfield, Ohio, Hohlmayer is a member of the Ohio State University Hall of Fame, the San Diego Women’s Hall of Fame, and the Major League Hall of Fame.

“We are honored to have Mrs. Hohlmayer as a judge for this year’s military ball,” said Colonel Mike Lierman, Wentworth Military Academy and College. “Her experience as a female athlete has made a major impact on our society. She is very inspirational and we thank her for agreeing to be the 2014 military ball judge.”