Military Ball Weekend a Big Success

Photo by Teresa Franklin
Photo by Teresa Franklin

The 134th Corps of Cadets at Wentworth Military Academy and College recently hosted the traditional Wentworth Military Ball and a weekend full of events.

In 1936, the inaugural military ball was held on the Wentworth campus in Lexington.  In that year, Gary Cooper was the military ball judge; he selected Jane Carlin, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as the Wentworth Military Ball Queen.

The Wentworth Military Balls in 1943 – 1946 were cancelled due to the war and resumed in 1947.

The 2014 the 78th Wentworth Military Ball is certainly much different than it was at that time, but the long-time tradition is stronger than ever with over 600 people attending this year’s event.

The military ball event is actually the exclamation point to the weekend of events on campus.

The military ball weekend was kicked off by the “Spring Band and Choir Concert” held in the Wentworth Memorial Chapel.  The band and choir put on a very strong performance under the direction of Captain Gary Love, Band Director, and Cpt. Jay Robbins, Choir Director.

On Saturday morning, a honor society induction ceremony was held for both the high school and college students who qualified to be inducted. High school students were inducted into the National Honor Society and college students were inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society fraternity.

Upon completion of the ceremony, parents who were in attendance for the weekend were able to meet with faculty members and then have lunch with the 134th Corps of Cadets.

At 7 p.m., the doors opened up at Groendyke Hall of the 2014 Wentworth Military Academy and College Military Ball.

Before entering the “ball room,” which was held in Wikoff, invitees moved through Groendyke hall where they were greeted by members of the “receiving line.” The receiving line included Colonel Lierman and his wife, along with other members of the administration and Battalion staff.

The military ball started promptly at 8 p.m. in a very formal setting. The event was well attended.

The military ball queen, selected by former professional women’s baseball player, Alice “Lefty” Hohlmayer, was announced. Cadet Jade Dale Perry, of Lincoln, Nebraska was crowned the 2014 Wentworth Military Ball Queen.

Another highlight of the ball was the military ball “pages.” The ball pages are children who assist the various queens as they are announced. Always an honor for parents to have their children named pages, this year’s pages were: Lathan and Kaison Cottrell, Endsley Lierman, Maddy and Zenden Meyer, Samantha and Abigail Mueller, Amanda Rodekohr, Kaylyn Seals, Emerson Worthington, and Madison Watson.

Col. Mike Lierman, President of Wentworth Military Academy and College, was very pleased with the entire event.

The 2014 Military Ball was a great success. We had a great weekend with family, friends, and alumni on campus for our Spring Parent Weekend. The 134th Corps of Cadets looked great and with all of the dates and families here on campus it was a fun weekend for all that attended. I am very proud of our Corps of Cadets for working hard this week to help decorate and make the weekend special,” said Col. Lierman. “A special thank you to Col. Cottrell, Anissa Wuthnow, and Linda Christian for all of their extra efforts to coordinate and decorate for this event. The athletic center looked wonderful and they did a superb job!”

“This year was very special for Brenda and I, as our grand-daughter, Endsley, was a page. I was very proud of her and enjoyed having her here to help us with the crowning of the Queens. This event is always a highlight of the school year and this year was no exception,” he said.