Online Degrees Available at Wentworth!!

In the Fall 2016, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) gave approval for Wentworth to offer students the opportunity to earn their Associate Degree completely online.  Currently Wentworth has made it available to students to earn their Associate of Arts Degree. It is the college’s goal to expand this opportunity to include the Associate of Science and the Associate of Science in Business Management degrees by the end of the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

Here at Wentworth we believe the purpose of online coursework is to offer students additional access in pursuing their degree.  Students will be challenged and held to the same standards as our traditional face-to-face students. Our highly qualified instructors will work with you to “Achieve the Honorable.” The majority of our instructors who teach online courses also teach at the Main Campus, or one of our Campus Sites.  This means the material being covered in the physical classroom is also being taught in their online equivalent.

Teamwork, Honor, Integrity, Respect, and Duty is at our core.  These values are what you will learn along the way when you are pursuing an Associate Degree from Wentworth, in-person or online.

For questions about Wentworth Online Program, contact Brent Zweifel, Director of Distance Learning, at 660-259-6045 or

For questions concerning your application as an Online Wentworth Student, contact Dillon Harp, Director of Admissions, at 660-259-6021 or