Sounding of the Cannon for the 134th Corp of Cadets

On Monday, August 19, the new school year started at Wentworth with the Sounding of the Cannon. 230 cadets marched into the Chapel where they were joined by a crowd of faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. Local banker Terry Thompson provided them with a healthy dollop of advice on how to make the most of their Wentworth experience and Lt. Col. Darren FitzGerald led the 134th Corps of Cadets in the Cadet Oath. Finally, Battalion Commander Benjamin Zielinski of Columbus, Ohio, provided some additional words of inspiration, and then the cadets were dismissed to go to classes to start the day in earnest.

As of the Sounding of the Cannon, we had 230 Cadets on campus, with 74 of them in high school and 156 in the College. We also have 23 we expect to report over the next several days. Some of those cadets are participating in Army training, and some are international students working out Visa issues.  Commuters add another 410 students to the number Wentworth is serving this year.