Wentworth Cadets Volunteer Help Vets Reunion During Government Shutdown

KMBC Channel 9     http://youtu.be/boflruAkXao

The Veterans Group VMB 243 Association recently found themselves in a difficult situation. The government was shutdown and that made it very difficult for the reunion that they had scheduled. The Marine Corps Reserve Color Guard that was scheduled, was forced to pull out of the event due to government funding and the shutdown.

Thanks to Wentworth Military Academy and College cadets along with volunteers from the Young Marines, the reunion went on as planned and a full color guard performed at the ceremony.

KMBC Channel 9 ran the story on the event and filmed the Wentworth Color Guard. The organizers were very happy to see Wentworth cadets volunteer their time. The story was aired several times on Sunday morning. The Wentworth Military Academy & College cadets along with the Young Marines were painted as heroes for stepping in to volunteer.

Many thanks to Hearst, Inc. and KMBC Channel 9 for allowing us to post the video on our website. Thanks also to Chief Ed Stryker, Major Ed Fior and Cpt. Tim Zach for all contributing to help Wentworth get the good news out to the community.

Cadets in the Color Guard

C/1SG Kyle Christiansen

C/CPT Edward Dela Cruz

C/MAJ Samuel Kolkow  did a super  Interview

Cadet Jonathan Ocampo

Cadet Stephen Quinn

Please congradulate these cadets on a job well done