Wentworth Military Academy & College Hosts Winter Culture & Language Program.

Winter 15_Lang and Cult Program Final


Wentworth Military Academy and College Hosts Winter Culture and Language Program.

A group of  5 Brazilian students and  one professor from UNIFEB , a University in Barretos – São Paulo,  Brazil, arrived in Lexington on January 7th to participate in the  Winter Culture and Language Camp offered by Wentworth Military Academy and College’s  International Department.

The purpose of the camp is to provide the international students exposure to the American experience and culture and to provide instruction and opportunities for the group to enhance their English language skills.

Over the course of a month the students will participate in English language and classes, physical education and go on several cultural immersion field trips. Highlights of the program include a visit to the State Capitol hosted by State Representative Glen Kolkmeyer, a visit to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, taking in a show at the Kauffman Center and attending a Missouri Mavericks hockey game.

This winter’s program marks the 5th iteration of the Culture and Language Program.  The program runs twice a year; a summer program and a winter program.  The Culture and Language program is the brainchild of Cristhina Starke, International Director at Wentworth Military Academy and College.  Starke, a native Brazilian, is very passionate about the program, stating that “Implementing this program has been a dream come true for me, I continue to be excited about the success of the program and the students’ lives that we are impacting.”

The program continues to gain momentum and draw attention in Brazil because of the opportunity it provides students to study outside of Brazil, enhance their English language proficiency and it dovetails nicely with the Brazilian “Science without Borders” Presidential initiative.