Wentworth Military Academy & College Has A New Battalion Commander

COL Lierman, Dale-Perry and Aldred (1) COL Lierman and Aldred pin rank on Dale-Perry (1)

Wentworth Military Academy Has a New Cadet Battalion Commander

WMA has a new Cadet Battalion Commander. Cadet LTC Dale-Perry was appointed as the Battalion Commander of the 135th Corps of Cadets for the spring 2015 semester.  c/LTC Dale-Perry took the reins from c/LTC Justin Aldred who had been in command during the fall semester. Aldred has graduated from WMC, commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and is now completing his undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Missouri.

c/LTC Jade Dale-Perry is a sophomore from Lincoln, Nebraska and is scheduled to graduate from Wentworth Military College and commission as a Second Lieutenant in May of this year.  She is the first African American female to be appointed to the position of Battalion Commander at WMA.  c/LTC Dale-Perry stated “I am excited for this opportunity, I truly believe that Wentworth is a great place for students to grow and excel.  I am proud of the opportunity to represent Wentworth.  The school has done so much for me and my family.”  Jade’s father graduated from WMC in 1983.  During her tenure as the Battalion Commander C/LTC Dale-Perry wants to focus on improving the integration of the college athletes and ROTC cadets into a cohesive student body and student community.

C/LTC Dale-Perry is a graduate of Lincoln North East High School and is currently enlisted in the Army National Guard.  Following graduation from Wentworth Military College and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant, Dale-Perry intends to remain in the National Guard and become a Military Police Officer.  She will attend college at University of Nebraska at Lincoln as a pre-medicine major and hopes to attend medical school in the future