The Associate of Science degree covers the same foundational science and math courses that make up the freshman and sophomore years at a four-year school. You’ll get an excellent background in multiple science subjects, along with 64 easy-to-transfer college credits from an accredited institution.

With small classes and attentive faculty, our Associate of Science degree offers a personalized academic experience that includes plenty of one-on-one support to help you master difficult material. If you’re seeking a four-year degree, you’ll save thousands of dollars on tuition by starting at Wentworth. Consider the Associate of Science if you’re interested in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) bachelor’s degree such as:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Business
  • Computer Science

Associate of Science Degree Benefits

Wentworth’s Associate of Science degree offers strong preparation for immediate employment or transfer to a four-year degree program. Choose our Associate of Science degree if you are seeking:

  • Affordable education. Tuition for our associate’s degree costs less than half of what you would pay for equivalent courses at a four-year school. You can cut thousands of dollars from the cost of your education.
  • First-rate academics. Wentworth is an accredited college that meets the same high academic standards as most four-year universities. You’ll work in small classes with top-notch faculty who have years of college-level teaching experience.
  • Job-ready skills. A 2015 employment survey by U.S. News and World Report shows that science- and math-related jobs have increased by more than 30 percent since 2000. With an Associate of Science degree, you’ll acquire skills that are in high demand in nearly every industry.
  • A student-friendly campus. Wentworth is small, friendly, and welcoming. You’ll never feel overwhelmed or overlooked, enabling you to focus on your studies and make an easy adjustment to college.

Associate of Science Degree Opportunities

With the Associate of Science degree, you’ll acquire a first-rate education that prepares you to continue your studies in a bachelor’s program. After earning an associate degree from Wentworth, our graduates have transferred to bachelor’s degree programs at universities and colleges such as:

Central Missouri
Missouri Southern
Florida A&M
University of Michigan
Iowa State
Oregon State

Missouri Western
Northwest Missouri
Savannah State
Texas A&M
Utah State
University of Kentucky
Washington State

If you’re planning to enter the work force immediately after completing your Associate of Science degree, you’ll be well prepared for entry-level employment in a variety of industries.

Course Requirements

The Associate of Science degree includes general education courses in:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Computer science
  • History
  • English composition
  • Humanities / fine arts
  • Public speaking

Degree Requirements
Suggested Degree Path