Our Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security provides you with superior preparation and unique career opportunities. You’ll get top-notch homeland security training at a unique institution that possesses strong military values and has contributed to America’s defense for more than 130 years. Our homeland security associate’s degree will empower you to pursue opportunities for employment and further study in specialized fields such as:

  • Law enforcement
  • Cybersecurity
  • Criminal Justice
  • Immigration
  • Emergency management and response
  • Corporate security

The Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security covers the equivalent of freshman/sophomore coursework in a bachelor’s degree program, so you’ll be qualified to transfer (with junior-year standing) to almost any four-year school in the country. Whether you’re changing careers or just entering the work force, the high demand for homeland security professionals makes our homeland security associate’s degree an excellent choice.

Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security Benefits

Wentworth’s strong military tradition and values make it an ideal environment for the study of homeland security. Our homeland security associate’s degree enables you to:

  • Learn from expert instructors. Our faculty includes active and former military officers who have extensive field expertise. As an accredited college, Wentworth meets the same high academic standards as most four-year universities.
  • Get outstanding value. Our homeland security associate’s degree is roughly equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, but Wentworth charges significantly less for tuition than most four-year schools. You can save thousands by starting at Wentworth, then transferring elsewhere for your junior and senior years.
  • Acquire practical skills for the workforce. You’ll get an introduction to the most current theories and practices that homeland security professionals use.
  • Attend a small, student-friendly campus. Every individual matters at Wentworth, and no student gets overlooked. You’ll belong to a strong community that’s supportive and welcoming, with lots of encouragement and assistance to help you meet your goals.

Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security Opportunities

With an Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security from Wentworth, you’ll have the opportunity to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in law enforcement, international studies, government, political science, or another security-related field. Our graduates have gained admission as transfer students to universities and colleges such as:

Iowa State
Florida A&M
Missouri Southern
Central Missouri
Northwest Missouri
Oregon State

Texas A&M
University of Kentucky
University of Michigan
Savannah State
Missouri Western
Utah State
Washington State

If you’re seeking immediate employment after graduation, the homeland security associate’s degree equips you with the skills to compete for good jobs. Homeland security is one of the nation’s fastest-growing job sectors, so a homeland security degree can yield outstanding career opportunities and earning potential.

Course Requirements

The Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security includes courses in:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Law
  • Crisis Management
  • Homeland security intelligence
  • Security management
  • Terrorism
  • Military science

Degree Requirements
Suggested Degree Path