With an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, you can acquire professional skills that lead to excellent career opportunities. Designed for first-time students as well as working adults who seek a career change, this two-year paralegal studies program offers practical training for a rapidly growing sector of the workforce.

At Wentworth you can earn your paralegal associate’s degree in a flexible, affordable, student-friendly environment. You’ll take small classes with experienced faculty who care about your success, while developing specialized skills that employers demand. The Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies prepares you for substantive tasks such as:

  • Legal research
  • Writing and formatting legal briefs
  • Writing and reviewing contracts, mortgages, wills, and other documents
  • Preparing trial exhibits and evidence

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies Benefits

The Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies offers excellent preparation for the workforce. You may also choose to continue your studies in a four-year degree program. Wentworth’s paralegal studies program enables you to:

  • Work in small classes. Wentworth’s class size averages just 13 students. You’ll get lots of attention and strong guidance from instructors who are committed to your success.
  • Learn from experienced faculty. You’ll take classes from expert instructors who have top-notch credentials and years of college-level teaching experience.
  • Earn a first-rate academic degree. Wentworth is an accredited college that meets the same high academic standards as most four-year universities.
  • Save money on your education. Our paralegal studies associate’s degree is equivalent to freshman and sophomore studies at a four-year school, but our price tag is far lower. You can save thousands of dollars by earning a paralegal studies associate’s degree at Wentworth.

Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies Opportunities

The Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies provides excellent preparation for immediate employment as a paralegal professional. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that paralegal job opportunities will grow by 17 percent over the next decade. Organizations that employ paralegals include:

  • Law firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Health care organizations

If you wish to continue your studies, our paralegal associate’s degree provides excellent transfer opportunities to bachelor’s degree programs in paralegal studies, criminal justice, law enforcement, and related fields. Graduates of Wentworth College have gone on to earn bachelor’s degrees at institutions such as:

Florida A&M
Iowa State
Missouri Southern
Northwest Missouri
Central Missouri

Texas A&M
University of Kentucky
University of Michigan
Utah State
Washington State
Missouri Western

Course Requirements

The Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies includes courses in:

  • Legal principles
  • Legal research
  • Professional ethics
  • Civil procedures
  • Criminal law
  • Torts

Degree Requirements